Multifunction Cookers

  • ThermoCook Pro
    ThermoCook Pro
  • PressureCook Pro
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All-In-One ThermoCook Pro
  • Your Professional Cooking Assistant

    Easy to use and offers an advanced level of functionality. It’s quick and simple. An appliance that does all the hard work for you at the touch of a button.
  • Chopping
  • Mixing
  • Blending
  • Cooking
    Precise heating
    Slow cooking
  • Stewing

Over 20 convenient functions + DIY program

This innovative appliance can do all the hard work for you including chopping, whipping, mixing, emuisifying, milling, kneading, cooking, blending, stirring, steaming, weighing, stewing and more.

Superior Quality

with a 500W motor and 1000W of heating power, a stainless steel blade assembly, an overload and safety protection system, you can rest assured the ThermoCook Pro will perform over 20 functions and last you a lifetime, playing an indispensable role in your kitchen.

Modern design

Simple yet stylish and sleek design.The bright display combined with an advanced intuitive interface and a single selector dial giving you the ultimate control & flexibility.


Save time and space

Avoid using multiple kitchen tools, just place your ingredients in the brilliant ThermoCook Pro All-in-One, select a pre-set program and let it do the rest.


PressureCook Pro

Advanced induction heating technology

This pressure cooker saves time and conserves energy with high temperatures that allow food to mature in a shorter timeframe. It can effectively reduce cooking time by as much as 80%.

Smart home appliance to make your life easier

Stylish and sleek design. The simple digital panel display gives you the ultimate control and flexibility. It has 17 preset and 1 DIY programs, 10 safety features, voice guidance, 24-hour timer and more advanced features.
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