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Oscillation technology employed by both NASA and professional athletes

The VibroFit One is made to oscillate between 5-12Hz at an effective amplitude of 12mm. The maximum acceleration coupled with multi-dimensional movement reaches the deepest layers of the skin, muscle and bone to increase the benefits of exercise.

Whole body vibration technology

Studies have shown whole body vibration training at an amplitude of 10mm or more to be effective for body-building and creating higher bone density. It also cuts down your risk of injury and improves flexibility and joint performance while building muscle mass to magnify your training results.

Health benefits proven by researchers

By incorporating aerobics and strengthening exercises with the VibroFit, you will be able to amplify the effects of weight loss exercises and effectively build up muscles throughout your body to aid in fat burning even while sedentary.
Vibrofit Vibration Plates
Vibrofit Vibration Plates

Advanced features and free accessories

We have also included resistance straps with your VibroFit so you can customise your workout to your desired intensity. With Bluetooth pairing capabilities and remote control operation, the VibroFit will be your best workout companion that helps you stay in shape.

Technology employed by NASA, hospital and fitness centers

The VibroFit 3D offers 3D, Pivotal and Horizontal Vibration Technology. By vibrating along a wider range and combination of axes, the VibroFit 3D induces muscles contractions to an even greater extent.

Unique Horizontal Vibration Mode

Unlike many other vibration plates which offer Linear, the VibroFit 3D offers Horizontal Vibration is used in hospitals and fitness centres to help elderly improve lower body strength and balance, including Hemiplegic patients (paralysis on one side of the body).

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