Optimum 500

Optimum 500

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The top-of-the-line Optimum 500 helps you to create even healthier, more nutrient-laden fresh juices for your family every day.

The Optimum 500 incorporates a dual-stage process that quietly extracts the maximum possible nutrients from all kinds of fruit and vegetables. It easily juices the leafy greens and wheatgrass that cheaper options often can’t handle. You can even use it to create nut- and soy-milks, tofu, 100%-fruit ice-creams and baby foods.


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Our top-of-the-line, most affordable cold press juicer: the Optimum 500 provides more power and a lower RPM so you get a more nutritious juice.

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Juicing is a process where the liquid part of the fruit or vegetable is separated from the pulp, or fiber through a juicer.

What you end up with after juicing fruits and vegetables is a thin and concentrated liquid that contains minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. When you drink fresh juice, you are drinking a very nutrient-dense drink. One major advantage of juicing is how much nutrition is packed in such a little amount of liquid.

If you are looking to add more fiber in your diet, smoothies may be a better option. However if you have issues digesting fiber, juice will allow your digestive system to not work as hard to break down the food and absorb the nutrients.


  • Suitable to juice fruits AND vegetables, including soft varieties
  • Cold pressed, to produce a superior juice
  • Low speed (rpm), to minimise oxidation and produce a longer lasting juice
  • Modern upright design allows gravity to assist in the juicing process
  • Dual action juicing screw for greater extraction
  • Juice tap to reduce froth and foaming
  • Less waste than centrifugal juicers
  • Child friendly with no sharp blades
  • Sleek space saving design
  • Auto pulp ejection for continuous automatic juicing
  • Cleaning brush included for ease of cleaning

Dual Action Juicing Screw that effectively juices:
Soft fruit e.g. oranges, watermelon
Hard Fruit e.g. apples, pears
Soft Vegetables e.g. kale, spinach
Hard Vegetables e.g. carrot, celery
Some Nuts e.g. cashew, almonds

Other functions include:
Nutritious cold-press juice
Healthy frozen fruit ice-cream
Delicious dairy-free nut milks
Wholesome baby food
Nutrient packed fruit smoothies

RPM (lower = better) 65 RPM
Average Noise 30-50dB
Wattage 150 watts
Voltage 220-240V
Continuous juicing time 30-45mins
Induction Motor Yes
Domestic Warranty 2 Years
Competitor Comparison

Below is a factual comparison between the:

  THE OPTIMUM 500   Hurom 400 Kuvings 998SAS
Appliance Specifications      
200 watts
150 watts

250 watts
Speed (RPM) *lower = better:  

30-50 dB
30-55 dB

30-50 dB
Continuous juicing time:  
30-45 mins

Induction Motor:  

Juicing capabilities:  
Soft & hard fruit & veggies,
wheatgrass, nuts and soybeans
Soft & hard fruit & veggies,
wheatgrass, nuts and soybeans

Soft & hard fruit & veggies,
wheatgrass, nuts and soybeans
Juice tap:  

Domestic Warranty:  
2 Years
10 Years motor, 5 years parts

20 years motor, 5 years parts & labour

Please note we do not sell Hurom or Kuvings products and we are not implying Hurom or Kuvings is an inferior product
Parts & Inclusions

2 x 1L juicing jugs 


3 strainers
Course, fine and blank strainers for juicing versatility 


Recipe book
100-page comprehensive hard copy recipe book.


Juicer cleaning brush


Tofu box & tofu/nut milk cloth 


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